Using a key switch instead of a simple switch enables effective access control. It is not without reason that nowadays hardly any vehicle can even be started without the appropriate key.  But of course this only works if not everyone has a key to the starter or ignition key switch! We offer a wide variety of switch locks. From simple start switch locks for electric vehicles to ignition start switches or to heat and ignition start switches for vehicles with combustion engines.

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Torsion protection SS-070_Verdrehschutz.jpg
For torsion-secure installation of the key switch or start switch into the panel. Fits following switches: • 470013 • 470015 • 470017 • 470020 • 470254 • 470301 • 470302 •...
Dust protection cap SS-072_Staubschutzkappe.jpg
If you use your vehicles in mainly dusty, dirty or humid environments, a simple dust cap can increase the life expectancy of your key switch significantly. Only in combination...
Nut SS-1666_Mutter.jpg
Heightened nut SS-073_Mutter.jpg
This elevated nut is necessary for the installation of the dust protection cap (item no. SS-072-00111). Fits on various key switches (see list in entry of the dust protection cap).
Mounting adapter SS-071_Adapter.jpg
For adapting during installation into a panel with a diameter of 26 mm. Fits on start switches: • 470013 • 470015 • 470017 • 470020 • 470254 • 470301 • 470302 • 470503 • 470530...