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Introducing the J.Führ team.

Do you always want to know the right person to contact? Do you want to get to know the faces behind the telephone voices? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Alexander Führ

Managing Director

Alexander P. Führ is the managing director of J.Führ GmbH. He is the second generation to run the company and has literally known the industry since childhood. He is the strategic mind behind everything we do.

Marino Casu

Authorised signatory
Accounting / Quality management

Even Count Zahl fears our accountant and authorised signatory. He rules over our figures with meticulousness and precision. And should he ever miscalculate, then it will certainly be in your favour. (But that just doesn’t happen.)

Jonas Wyska

Customer consultant

Linking customer wishes with the right products. Jonas Wyska knows how to find optimal solutions, no matter how complicated the problem.

Jonas is responsible for industrial trucks and cabs.

Florian Brühl

Customer consultant

As a technical salesman, Florian Brühl knows his stuff. There is hardly an application for which Florian does not immediately have the right product up his sleeve.

Among other things, Florian is responsible for the agricultural market, for off-road and motorbikes, as well as for cranes and automotives.

Monika Bagan

Sales assistance

With a kind word and genuine interest in your needs, Monika ensures that a personal connection develops from your first interactions with us. She is a master at opening the dialogue and ensuring that you find exactly the support you are looking for.

Esra Groll

Head of Order processing / HR

There are questions about your order, questions about your production? Mrs Groll can answer them. She holds all the strings and keeps the shop running.

Susann Jenning

Order processing

Charming, goal-oriented and always at work with new ideas. Susann Jenning is our expert interface to you and your orders.

Stefanie Meyer

Order processing

The order processing team is strengthened by Stefanie Meyer with a good portion of expertise. In addition, she supports the accounting department and serves as a contact person for all questions regarding invoices and credit notes.

Jeannine Skulski

Order processing / customer management

As the interface between customer advice and order processing, Jeannine Skulski follows all our order processes. She is our factotum for customer satisfaction and fulfils this task with charm and expertise.

Annalena Konsorr


A new product on the market? A new supplier in the starting blocks? Annalena Konsorr has long been in contact!
As our buyer, Annalena ensures that our warehouse is always well stocked and, above all, with the right products.

Susan Greese

Complaint management

With an open ear and a keen eye, Susan Greese is passionate about the quality of our products. She is guaranteed to have a solution for every concern.

Sonja Fruth

Complaint management

Sonja cares! Both for your complaint and for the well-being of the team.

Dr. Tilman Linn

Head of Marketing

Our marketing guy Tilman Linn always keeps an eye on the different markets we supply. And he is constantly in a clinch with our accountant about how much money should go into marketing promotions.

Hartmut Stechele


Hartmut Stechele feels at home in strategic marketing. There is hardly any action that he does not examine. He knows what makes our customers tick and empathises with their way of thinking.

Merve Voyvoda

Marketing (Social Media)

Ms Voyvoda leaves digital traces: Everything you find about us in the social networks comes from the pen of Merve Voyvoda.

Minoschka Spietz


Ms Spietz masters the provision of your goods with precision every day. She always keeps the most important thing in mind: that the products you ordered go out to you as quickly as possible.

Marcello Crispi


Careful, diligent and always with an eye for detail. This is how Mr Crispi takes care of the shipping of your products.

Mathias Höft


There is no product that does not pass through Mr Höft’s hands. With care and the necessary professional knowledge, he takes care of the incoming goods inspection and always keeps an eye on the entire stock.

Kalinka Spietz


Mrs Spietz knows how to make good things even better!
She takes care of the production with verve and turns good products into optimal products according to your wishes and specifications.

Lulzim Karaxha


Lulzim Karaxha supports our production with hard work and skill. His cooperation is a real added value for our team.

Paolo Casu


Paolo Casu supports our production with technical know-how and the often necessary tact. Teamwork and first-class work are his top priorities.

Zahra Valizadeh

Apprentice industrial clerk

Our lively apprentice Zahra is our first trainee. And she shows us how the wind is blowing! (Well, almost.)

Karena Schreiter

Office assistant

Karena Schreiter supports us primarily in data maintenance. There is hardly a data record that has not fallen under the scrutinising eyes of our office assistant.

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