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Quality is
a matter
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Extended workbench
– Individual adaptations to your needs

Our products do not quite meet your requirements and you need them individually adapted?

We would be happy to modify our products for you according to your specifications and wishes, so that in the end you only receive products that are optimally tailored to your needs.

The possibilities here are manifold. For example, it is easy for us to equip our products with the right mating connectors for your vehicles. But also the installation of special covers and vehicle-specific holders are no problem for us.

Create something new
Product development

We are not a manufacturer. And yet we develop products that precisely meet the requirements of our customers!

We know our customers well and speak their language. At the same time, we have a deep understanding of the requirements and possibilities of the manufacturing industry. This enables us to act as a competent interface, advising and supporting all steps of product development.

– flexible and “just in time”

We keep our warehouse optimally stocked at all times. We always have more than 800 different articles in stock for you.

We cushion any fluctuations in demand and deliver exactly at the agreed time. Your advantage? Low storage costs and “just in time” production.

Branding / Labelling
– from the type plate to the cardboard box

Would you like to have your article number on our products? Or your logo on the packaging?

That’s no problem for us. We will gladly take care of the individual branding or labelling for you according to your specifications and your CI. From attaching a simple nameplate with your logo and article number to a completely branded product in your packaging, there are many possibilities.

We separate the sheep from the goats
Quality products

Our products are not run-of-the-mill. Our aim is always to offer you the highest quality products. Our range is not broad, but selected and good!

Customised solutions
– not by the number

We are not a box pusher, we are your solution finder!

Our products are not just numbers to us. We know them down to the last detail. That’s exactly why we can advise you competently.

We know the advantages of our products. But there are also unsuitable application profiles that we clearly address. We do not want to sell you our product by hook or by crook. We want you to get a really suitable solution! That’s what we understand by consulting!

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