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Bright work lights makes you independent of the sun

Work lights for tough construction site use have to be reliable and robust. Fortunately, that’s no longer an issue today. LED makes it possible.

But this technology offers other advantages for your machine operators. Thanks to the bright and natural LED light, your construction workers stay wide awake and focused at work. And your construction site remains safe. Using robust technology and durable materials, our floodlights are the tool of choice on heavy equipment!

But we can do more than just light. See for yourself how we can help you get ahead.

Are your construction vehicles a hazard?

Sources of danger are often not stationary. Especially on construction sites, construction vehicles are a moving hazard. Approaching vehicles must be detectable at an early stage.

For example, Model 560. is a new type of warning sign projector that throws a clearly visible warning sign onto the ground in front of or behind a vehicle. This moves with the vehicle, so that passers-by in the vicinity know immediately from where a danger is approaching.

Thanks to various flash modes, the warning sign generates a significantly higher warning effect than, for example, just a colored dot, as emitted by other warning zone lights.

But even construction machines that are stationary in themselves can have a working radius outside the vehicle contour. For example, a shovel excavator loading a truck can catch and damage a vehicle that is approaching too closely due to the shearing counterweight. Make the work area more visible!

Warning zone lights that mark the endangered area are helpful here. For example, Model 793 or Model 529, both of which draw a straight warning line along the vehicle. Or Model 777, which draws a colored arc around the rear of the vehicle. These lines are clearly visible and appear to say “ATTENTION DO NOT ENTER!”.

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Discover the power of light –
Photon cannons

If you work in remote areas and need full power even at night, you really need a lot of light. Our photon cannons are the solution.

We offer them a wide selection of really bright work lights, real photon cannons! These provide far more than 3000 lumens and arm you for any challenge. Let us convince you of the power of our photon guns and experience the power of light.

For example our model 526, which delivers 5800 effective lumens from a comparatively compact housing. It is robust, reliable and will be your new best friend. That’s a promise!

And when the going gets really tough, we recommend our Model 623 with an impressive 20,000 lumens. Nobody needs more light. And if they do, just take two!

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On the construction site AND in road traffic

Work, work, work. But construction vehicles also have to get from one job site to the next. And often on their own wheels rather than piggybacking on a low-loader.

At the latest then, StVZO/ECE-compliant lighting is required. And that means, first and foremost, headlights.

We have these in a variety that no one else has. Whether as surface-mounted or recessed headlights, whether small or large, whether with a single function, whether as a combination headlight with two, three or all five functions (low beam, high beam, parking light, turn signal and daytime running light): We have it.

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