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Forklifts and industrial trucks are technically at the spearhead of industrial vehicle development. No other type of vehicle works as hard, has to endure as much and can be measured so excellently in terms of its efficiency. They are innovation drivers and role models.

Industrial trucks therefore need the right equipment. This must be robust and reliable.

We have 50 years of experience in equipping industrial trucks and forklifts. It is not without reason that the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers use our products.


Provides light where you need it
– without dazzling!

2 beam pattern. Model 710 combines two requirements in one worklight. It serves as a driving light for safe traffic in the warehouse without blinding oncoming traffic. And it illuminates a shelf all the way to the top shelf when needed. This means that a full 160° can be illuminated vertically. But of course only when it is necessary.

Glare-free and vertical. The lower 3 high-power LEDs illuminate the work area in front of the forklift and serve as working light, but also as driving light, which does not dazzle oncoming traffic. With 780 effective lumens, it is bright enough for internal factory traffic. When the load is lifted, the upper light module is switched on (controlled via load sensor or manually). Now the headlight shines at full 1600 lumens, with the second module directing the light upward.

Fits into the vehicle contour. Due to its slim design and low weight, this headlight can even be mounted directly on the lift mast without any problems. This means it does not block the driver’s view, as a headlight on the A-pillar would. It is better protected against damage and shines exactly where light is needed.

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The symbol for safety
– the projector

The BlueSpot has undoubtedly made history. But a lot has happened in the last 10 years. Make your upgrade now! The Model 560 projector is the latest warning zone light from J.W. Speaker, not only for forklilfts and industrial trucks.

Clear language through symbols. Model 560 doesn’t just project a dot on the floor. It projects a highly visible warning sign in front of or behind the truck.

Strobe instead of just light. Research has shown that flashing light generates much higher attention than a constant light.

Optimal perception. Because a simple light spot is now standard, it is often unconsciously ignored. Model 560’s two-color, bright, large warning sign generates so much attention that it simply cannot be ignored.

Customized symbols possible. Want your own symbol or logo as a warning sign? Model 560 can be customized. Just contact us!

see projector

Warning zone lights
– all beginning was a blue spot

The BlueSpot was the beginning, but the story continued quickly. In the meantime, we have developed a whole family of warning zone lights. No longer just dots, not just blue. We have lines, arcs, areas, we have red, orange and green. Single color, multicolor, static or flashing. You decide!

Model 560, the projector. It projects a two-color warning sign on the ground.

Model 793, the line. To the left and right of the vehicle, a clearly visible line ensures that passers-by keep a safe distance.

Model 777, the arc. Works like the line, but it is curved to “protect” the front or rear of the vehicle.

Model 529, the big line. If model 793 is not enough: Here with can also large vehicles and installations in the full extent be marked.

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– simple and effective

Collision warning is no longer witchcraft. Even on forklilfts and industrial trucks a simple installation with outstanding effect is possible. Lopos rethinks collision warning. This new warning device no longer requires complex installation. Simply attach it, connect it to the on-board power supply, and you’re done. Passers-by in the warehouse are given small identifiers known as “wearables.” These are worn either as a wristband or a belt clip. If a vehicle equipped with Lopos approaches a wearable, the driver receives a clearly visible and audible warning signal. Even if the passerby is not visible.

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RAM Mounts –
holds everything-everywhere and securely!

Is individualization also advancing at your company? Do your processes require additional equipment? And your drivers have individual wishes regarding the attachment of these devices to the vehicle?

With Ram Mounts, we have the solution to securely attach devices to the vehicle in a shock- and vibration-resistant manner. And that in a highly flexible way. Is it about devices like cell phone, scanner gun, mobile printer, tablet, industrial PC, keyboard, cup holder, screen or touchscreen, sunshade or clipboard? We can fix all that and much more with Ram Mounts. And not only is the selection of equipment mounts numerous, the choice of bases for mounting to the vehicle itself is legion. Whether tightly bolted ball heads, clamps, clamps, counter plates or rails, anything goes. In addition, the matching connecting arm, short or long, rigid or flexible, even lockable is available.

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Innovation boost for
industrial vehicles

Our core business is industrial vehicles. And we have been doing so for 50 years. But did you know that we not only supply products, but are often also decisively involved in their development? No question, you know the BlueSpot™. Linde Material Handling commissioned us to develop a new type of warning light. After a short time, we developed it into the well-known blue spot (model 770). Hardly any other lighting product has had such a strong impact in the past decades.

In the same way, we developed a road-approved driving light for Jungheinrich. The result: a combination headlamp (Model 515) specially tailored for use on forklifts. Or a driving light with turn signal specially designed for tractors (model 516).

Do you have an idea that could not be implemented until now? We can do it!

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