Our sales team

Your direct line to the experts

We know our products.

And we know that our customers often have extensive requirements to fulfil.

Not every product can fulfil this. Many products are specialists, others serve more of a broad application. Let us talk about your requirements. Thus we can help to solve exactly your problems with our products. We look forward to it.

Jonas Wyska

Customer consultant

Linking customer wishes with the right products. Jonas Wyska knows how to find optimal solutions, no matter how complicated the problem.

Jonas is responsible for industrial trucks and cabs.

Florian Brühl

Customer consultant

As a technical salesman, Florian Brühl knows his stuff. There is hardly an application for which Florian does not have the right product up his sleeve.

Among other things, Florian is responsible for the agricultural market, for off-road and motorbikes, as well as for cranes and automotives.

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