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clear announcements

A further development of the established spotlight

Model 560, the projector, is the logical further development of the established spotlight. Instead of a simple blue dot, this warning light projects a clearly visible warning sign in front of or behind the vehicle.

It flashes, it is two-coloured, it is visible. – The projector makes clear announcements!

Convincing on every industrial truck

The principle remains the same, the design is different. Better. More convincing!

This projector knows no limits: Industrial plants, warehouses, outdoor areas – Model 560 speaks universal ‘safety’. Robust enough for harsh environments and flexible for a wide variety of vehicle types, it offers a new level of adaptability in warning signalling.

From compact pedestrians to large container stackers – Model 560 is the customised solution for a wide range of industrial trucks. Wherever precision and attention count, Model 560 delivers consistent performance.




Colourful and active –
a better warning

A static symbol? Not with us. The Model 560 projector brings movement to safety. The symbol and outer triangle can flash independently of each other and in different modes.

A monochrome wasteland? Not with us. The brilliant colours of the projector really attract attention.

Bright and eye-catching: the projector achieves a significantly higher warning effect than a spotlight.

You choose the motif

Model 560 is available in two standard versions, which differ in the projected motif. Either a blue forklift truck is projected in a red triangle or a red exclamation mark is projected in a red triangle.

But the projector is not just another warning light. Turn it into your own personal safety symbol.

Design your own customised warning signal, for example with your logo, and make it part of your brand – safe, visible and significant

» Innovation illuminated: The model 560 projector at Kühne & Nagel

Join our trainee Zahra as she quizzes Jonas on the advantages and possible applications of the Model 560 projector at Kühne & Nagel.

Upgrade now

The projector is immediately available with the “forklift truck” and “exclamation mark” symbols. Please contact us for customised motifs.

Article no. Name Description
WL-2103-56551 Projector modell 560 12-72 V, forklift motiv (red/blue) Shop
WL-2169-56551 Projector modelll 560 12-72 V, exclamation mark motif (red/red) Shop


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