Municipal vehicles

Hand in Hand

Whether street cleaning, waste disposal or winter services

Municipal vehicles ensure cleanliness and safety. They clean up, repair, tidy up and thus ensure smooth cooperation. With bright work lighting and highly visible warning lights, we help make them more visible and more efficient.

Finally ice free through
the winter

Icy headlights are a thing of the past. Headlights with Smart Heat have an integrated lens heater that reacts smartly to the weather.

Thanks to this heater, these headlights de-ice themselves. Choose from a wide range of headlights with Smart Heat™, whether for surface or recessed mounting, whether square or round.

But also worklights or taillights are available with SmartHeat.

more SmartHeat

The smallest 5-in-1 headlamp in the world!

Want the full package? Model 93 delivers.

It’s almost a miracle what’s possible in 90 mm. Model 93 is the spearhead of 90-mm modules used worldwide. Instead of multiple headlights, each providing only low beam, high beam or turn signal with parking light, here are all the functions from one module: bright low beam, long range high beam, daytime running light, front parking light and a turn signal.

The 90-mm design housing makes this headlight easy to replace old halogen versions in 90-mm housings.

That’s all they need. No one needs more!

see model 93 BiLED

In the early morning dew …

You are on the road for the municipality early in the morning? Everything is foggy, visibility clouded?

LED fog lights penetrate any fog. Bright light and mounting close to the ground ensures a safe ride. Whether in shared traffic with pedestrians cleaning a pedestrian mall or on large street cleaners for highway maintenance. Good visibility enables precise work, makes your workday easier and ensures safety.

see the fog lights

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