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Warming up for
the magic of winter

Heated lenses guide
you ice-free through the winter

With SmartHeat icy headlights are a thing of the past. Headlights quickly become clogged in winter snow flurries. Snow on the front lens reduces your visibility, but above all your vision. Find a remedy!

Headlights with Smart Heat have a windscreen heating system that reacts smartly to the weather. So you always stay visible and always drive safely.

Smart and reactive

Headlights with SmartHeat technology think for themselves. They use integrated temperature sensors to constantly measure both the ambient temperature and the temperature of the headlamp and automatically switch the grid of heating wires integrated in the front lens on and off. No action is required from the driver.

Step 1:

The heating grid is switched on automatically when the headlight is switched on.

Step 2

If the weather conditions make it possible for the front lens to freeze up, the heating wires remain switched on until the front lens is de-iced.

Step 3

Once the ice and snow have melted and the headlamp has warmed up, the heating wires are automatically switched off again to prevent overheating in warmer conditions.
In extreme weather conditions with continuous cold, the heating grid remains switched on automatically so that no snow can accumulate on the front lens.

A multiple advantage

Headlights with SmartHeat will change your winter experience.

1. Increased safety:
SmartHeat ensures clear visibility in bad weather, increasing safety for the driver and other road users.

2. No clouding:
Ice scratching on headlights can scratch the front lens. In the short or long term, this would lead to clouding.

3. Time saving:
drivers no longer have to manually remove snow and ice from the headlights. This is particularly advantageous for lights that are difficult to access, for example if they are mounted in the cab roof of a tractor.

4. Improved convenience:
the technology reduces the risk of drivers having to go outside in icy temperatures to clean the lights.

5. Versatility:
The availability of SmartHeat in different shapes (round, square, recessed and surface-mounted) means that it is suitable for a wide range of vehicles and applications.

These advantages can be used effectively to promote SmartHeat technology as a valuable and innovative solution for winter conditions.

Winter heroes!

Ready for clear vision, whatever the weather?

Discover our SmartHeat products: Designed to provide you with heroically reliable and efficient lighting in the harshest winter conditions.



All SmartHeat products

Model 9900 SmartHeat

The complete solution for industrial vehicles. Model 9900 is not only a good choice as a recovery light on dozer blades.


Model 9800 SmartHeat

The first with SmartHeat. Originally developed for dozer blades, model 9800 also cuts a fine figure on other vehicles.


Model 8700 Evolution 2 DB SmartHeat

Long name, excellent headlights. For 7-inch headlights, there is no better choice, no more complete package.


Model 8730 SmartHeat

If there is only limited space available for a 7-inch headlight, this headlight comes into play. It has an extremely slim design and fits almost anywhere.


Model 8800 Evolution 2 SmartHeat

One of the best retrofit headlights for the popular 4×6-inch format.


Model 670 XD SmartHeat

This heated worklight enables you to work safely even in winter.


Model 234 SmartHeat

Rear lights and direction indicators are also available with SmartHeat. Model 234, for example.


Model 8910 Evolution 2 SmartHeat

There is also a solution with SmartHeat for retrofitting 5×7-inch headlights.


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