Forest machinery

Lights for forest work!

Working and difficult conditions – that’s forestry!

In summer it’s the dense canopy, in winter the short days and the low sun. Light is not abundant in the forest. Make yourself independent of poor lighting conditions. Bright work lights make your life easier.
They increase both the safety and the efficiency of your work. This is especially true for machines like log harvesters and skidders, which are often in remote and dark areas and need to be reliably mobile. Bright headlights enable the operator to detect and avoid obstacles and other hazards in good time. They make it possible to identify and harvest the timber to be cut without error.

Light bars were yesterday! 

With compact light cannons, they are always ready for action!

In the past, if you had to bring a lot of light onto a vehicle, you couldn’t get around light bars. Modern LED worklights are now so bright that even small worklights outshine the old light bars.

Take model 893, for example: this compact worklight shines so brightly with a full 3800 lm effective that safe working is guaranteed. Combine several modules and even in the darkest forest it will be bright as the sun!

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