Here you will find probably the largest range of headlights with road approval. Low beam, high beam, parking light, direction indicator, the whole optionally with adaptive bend lighting (model 8790/8791, 8690/8691), or also with Smart Heat function. Or the ultra-compact model 93, a 90mm module with 5 functions. And all of this is available in a wide variety of housings and as surface-mounted or recessed variants. A total of 50 convincing variants speak for our competence!

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Pedestal Mount 92 ZU-2264-Montagehalter-92.jpg
With this mounting bracket, the individual modules of the Mosaic system model 92 can be mounted as pedestal mounted light.
Bucket FS-911_Scheinwerfertopf.jpg
Bucket for LED head light model 8700. Also available chromed as point-mount version (FS-910-48701).
Retrofit mounting kit ZU-1677_Montageset.jpg
With this custom-fit mounting kit you will be able to mount a modern LED headlight on your motorcycle. All required parts (mounting ring, screws and sealing) are included.
Motorcycle conversion kit model 610 ZU-1904_Montagering.jpg
Most LED headlight upgrades do not offer a direct plug & play installation. J.W. Speaker has 2 new LED headlight conversion kits available to retrofit round Adaptive 2 Series™...
Mounting bezel 8630/8631 FS-1042_Montagering_8630.jpg
Many headlights need a mounting bezel.
Mounting bracket 97 ZU-2092_Montagrahmen_97.jpg
Model 97 is a small but complete headlight containing low beam and high beam. With this mounting bracket it can be used as built-in headlight.
Mounting bracket 93 ZU-1916_Montagering_93.jpg
Model 93 is available as low beam, high beam, fog light and as turn signal. With a variety of mounting brackets, including single and double mounts, as well as 3-point mounting...
Mounting bracket 515 FS-1576_Halter_515.jpg
Replacement mounting bracket for the LED headlight model 515.
Pedestal mounting bracket ZU-2091_Montagering_97.jpg
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Wire harness ZU-1928_Kabelsatz.jpg
With this connection cable you can continue to use the H4 connection of the wiring harness of your bike.
Adapte Ring FS-1401-noimage.jpg
Special adapter ring for model 8700, with which the height adjustment of the Mercedes G wagon can be used.
Adapter cable H4 to H13 ZU-2215-Adapterkabel.jpg
This cable can be used to connect an H4 headlight to an H13 on-board power supply.
Lense cover FS-2171-FSAbdeckung-TS3001R.jpg
This cover serves as protection for the headlights and can also be used as a diffuser disc for off-road use.