Here you will find probably the largest range of headlights with road approval. Low beam, high beam, parking light, direction indicator, the whole optionally with adaptive bend lighting (model 8790/8791, 8690/8691), or also with Smart Heat function. Or the ultra-compact model 93, a 90mm module with 5 functions. And all of this is available in a wide variety of housings and as surface-mounted or recessed variants. A total of 50 convincing variants speak for our competence!

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Pedestal mounting bracket ZU-2091_Montagering_97.jpg
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Mounting bracket 93 ZU-1916_Montagering_93.jpg
Model 93 is available as low beam, high beam, fog light and as turn signal. With a variety of mounting brackets, including single and double mounts, as well as 3-point mounting...
Bucket FS-911_Scheinwerfertopf.jpg
Bucket for LED head light model 8700. Also available chromed as point-mount version (FS-910-48701).
Retrofit mounting kit ZU-1677_Montageset.jpg
With this custom-fit mounting kit you will be able to mount a modern LED headlight on your motorcycle. All required parts (mounting ring, screws and sealing) are included.
Motorcycle conversion kit model 610 ZU-1904_Montagering.jpg
Most LED headlight upgrades do not offer a direct plug & play installation. J.W. Speaker has 2 new LED headlight conversion kits available to retrofit round Adaptive 2 Series™...
Mounting bezel 8630/8631 FS-1042_Montagering_8630.jpg
Many headlights need a mounting bezel.
Mounting bracket 97 ZU-2092_Montagrahmen_97.jpg
Model 97 is a small but complete headlight containing low beam and high beam. With this mounting bracket it can be used as built-in headlight.
Wire harness ZU-1928_Kabelsatz.jpg
With this connection cable you can continue to use the H4 connection of the wiring harness of your bike.
Adapte Ring Adapte Ring
Special adapter ring for model 8700, with which the height adjustment of the Mercedes G wagon can be used.
Adapter cable H4 to H13 ZU-2215-Adapterkabel.jpg
This cable can be used to connect an H4 headlight to an H13 on-board power supply.
Lense cover FS-2171-FSAbdeckung-TS3001R.jpg
This cover serves as protection for the headlights and can also be used as a diffuser disc for off-road use.