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Knowledge of the attributes of modern products is absolutely necessary for good advice. Unfortunately, new technology always brings with it a host of new or previously unheard terms.  Confusion is often pre-programmed. To remedy this, we have prepared a small guide containing the most important terms for understanding and using our products. With this, you should be able to advise your customers even better.



The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) is a non-profit standards organisation. It has developed various standards for the assembly and manufacture of components for the automotive sector, which are mainly used in the USA and Canada. …

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SAE class

The SAE class indicates the brightness and thus the warning effect of a strobe. Three classes are subdivided.

Class 1:

Very bright strobes for use on …

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Sealed Beam

Sealed beams are lights in which the components of the lighting group cannot be replaced in individual parts, but only as a complete unit. The light group of these sealed beams is specially sealed so that a good seal against environmental influences …

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Service life

The service life of a product is the time that this product functions without the replacement of components. The service life depends on individual service and maintenance intervals. Depending on the product, the service life is specified in various measurands …

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Smart alarm

Smart backup alarms react to the environment. Via a built-in microphone, these warning sounders permanently measure the volume of the ambient noise. A built-in microprocessor then automatically adjusts the volume of the warning tone so …

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The abbreviation SMD stands for surface-mounted device. This term, which originated in electronics, refers to components that are not inserted through a printed circuit board as in the past, but are soldered directly onto it.

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An SMD LED is an LED manufactured in SMD construction. SMD LEDs are clearly superior to conventional wired LEDs in terms of brightness and efficiency.

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The base of a lamp is called socket. It serves on the one hand as an electrical contact and on the other hand often also as a fastening. There are many different types of bases.

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A spot is a beam pattern of a work light in which the entire light is focused on a narrow area in order to achieve maximum brightness there. Spots are particularly suitable when only very narrow areas need to be illuminated, e.g. as searchlights or mounted …

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Our products meet the specifications of various standards. These standards include:

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Start switch

Start switches are actually just simple switches for switching on a machine, e.g. an electric vehicle, but as a key switch they are protected against unauthorised operation (except for special variants with a rotary knob). They usually only have to …

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Stop light

As part of the tail light, the stop light indicates deceleration of the vehicle. The stop light must also provide good visibility in daylight.

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Strobes are warning lights which, in contrast to the rotating beacon, do not emit their light signal continuously but as a very short flash. There are both strobes with a classic light bonnet, which emit their warning signal in a 360-degree circle, and unidirectional strobes, …

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