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Knowledge of the attributes of modern products is absolutely necessary for good advice. Unfortunately, new technology always brings with it a host of new or previously unheard terms.  Confusion is often pre-programmed. To remedy this, we have prepared a small guide containing the most important terms for understanding and using our products. With this, you should be able to advise your customers even better.



The central element of incandescent lamps, halogen lamps and other illuminants is the filament, which is usually made of a metal (often tungsten) and is held as a helix (spiral) by holding wires. When current flows through a filament, it heats up considerably and then begins to glow. Filaments are very sensitive to shocks.

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The beam pattern of the flood, also known as a floodlight, is characterised by the fact that a relatively short and broad area in front of the light is illuminated as uniformly as possible. Even at a high light output in effective Lumens floodlights mostly deliver only a moderate brightness in …

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FMVSS stands for Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. The FMVSS are a collection of technical regulations that define minimum requirements for motor vehicle components and assemblies. These standards are valid in the USA. Like the ECE and SAE regulations, the FMVSS are also divided into different sections.

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Fog light

The fog light is emitted by special headlights, which may be used as additional driving lights in poor visibility conditions (fog, rain, snowfall). They are mounted below the normal driving lights. Fog lights are also called bad weather lights.

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Fog tail light

The red fog tail light is part of the rear vehicle lighting and serves to improve the perception of following vehicles in poor light conditions due to the significantly increased brightness compared to the normal tail light.

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