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Knowledge of the attributes of modern products is absolutely necessary for good advice. Unfortunately, new technology always brings with it a host of new or previously unheard terms.  Confusion is often pre-programmed. To remedy this, we have prepared a small guide containing the most important terms for understanding and using our products. With this, you should be able to advise your customers even better.


Tail light

The tail light is a part of the rear light and the position light. It shows the rear boundary of the vehicle in the dark.

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Test mark

A test mark indicates that a product has safety-relevant properties and that these have been tested according to defined specifications. The successful testing of the specifications is usually documented by visibly affixing …

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Trapezoid beam

The beam pattern of a trapezoid beam is a mixture of a flood and spot. Here, the light of the work light is cast onto a usually trapezoidal surface (hence the English name trap) with a usually clearly concentrated narrow area of high brightness. Work lights with …

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Turn signal

The turn signal, also called an indicator, is a yellow or orange (in other countries also red) signal light that signals other road users to turn or change lanes. It is part of the vehicle lighting.

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