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Knowledge of the attributes of modern products is absolutely necessary for good advice. Unfortunately, new technology always brings with it a host of new or previously unheard terms.  Confusion is often pre-programmed. To remedy this, we have prepared a small guide containing the most important terms for understanding and using our products. With this, you should be able to advise your customers even better.


PAR light

he abbreviation PAR (Parabolic Aluminised Reflector lamp) is used to describe a wide range of light types with a round lighting group that are used in many different areas, similar to sealed beams. They can be found, for example, as work lights, as headlights on …

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Parking light

The parking light (or delimiting light) serves to illuminate a parked vehicle. The front parking light is often identical to the position light, while the normal tail light of the rear light often serves as the rear parking light.

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Pencil beam

The Pencil Beam is a special variant of the high beam, which emits a far more concentrated beam as compared to the normal high beam. Depending on its brightness, a pencil beam can …

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Photobiologic safety

Looking directly into a light source can lead to photochemical damage of the retina. The damage is mainly caused by a high blue component of the emitted light in the range of 400-500 nm. For this reason, the term “blue light hazard” is used. …

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Photometry is the analysis of visible light according to various characteristics. It is part of the engineering sciences.

For a light, photometric analysis can consist of

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Position light

The position light (or marker light) is part of the front vehicle lighting. The position light usually has a brightness of a few percent of the low beam. Together with the tail light, it forms the parking light.

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