ECE regulations

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The ECE regulations are internationally agreed technical regulations for vehicles, and parts and equipment for motor vehicles, by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UN/ECE). There are over one hundred different regulations covering different technical aspects. The regulations are constantly being adapted in line with technical progress. Components that have passed a test against one or more ECE regulations may bear an ECE mark.

The ECE regulations applicable to our products are:

Reg. 3 Reflectors
Reg. 4 Rear licence plate illumination
Reg. 5 SB headlights (sealed beam)
Reg. 6 Turn signals
Reg. 7 Marker lights, tail lights, stop lights
Reg. 10 Electromagnetic compatibility
Reg. 19 Fog lights
Reg. 23 Backup lights
Reg. 38 Rear fog lights
Reg. 48 Installation of lighting devices
Reg. 50 Lights for mopeds and motorbikes
Reg. 53 Fitting of lighting devices (motorbikes)
Reg. 56 Headlights for mopeds
Reg. 57 Headlights for motorbikes
Reg. 65 Indicator lamps for flashing lights (rotating lights)
Reg. 86 Installation of lighting devices (agricultural and forestry vehicles)
Reg. 87 Daytime running lights
Reg. 91 Side marker lights
Reg. 112 Asymmetrical low/high beam
Reg. 113 Symmetrical low/high beam
Reg. 119 Cornering lights
Reg. 123 Adaptive front lighting systems (AFS)

The complete texts of the ECE regulations can be found on the website of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (

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