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The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) is a non-profit standards organisation. It has developed various standards for the assembly and manufacture of components for the automotive sector, which are mainly used in the USA and Canada.

The SAE numbers applicable to our products are:

  • J222 Front position lamps
  • J575 Water spray, dust, corrosion, warping
  • J576 Plastic components in optical parts (lenses, reflectors) of vehicle lights
  • J578 Colour specifications
  • J583 Fog lamps
  • J584 Driving lights for motorbikes
  • J585-J588 Rear lamps
  • J592 Side marker lights
  • J593 Reversing lights
  • J594 Reflectors
  • J595 Directional warning lights
  • J845 Warning lights for rescue and municipal vehicles
  • J846 Liquid distributors and connectors
  • J914 Side marker lights (vehicles less than 12 m long)
  • J974 Flashing lights for agricultural equipment
  • J994 Reversing warning device
  • J1113 Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • J1318 Warning lights with gas discharge for rescue and municipal vehicles
  • J1455 Electrical Systems on Trucks and Buses
  • J1623 Lighting for off-road vehicles
  • J1889 LED Lighting
  • J2040 Rear lights (vehicles over 2032 mm wide)
  • J2087 Daytime running lights
  • J2261 Brake lights (vehicles over 2032 mm width)

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