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Knowledge of the attributes of modern products is absolutely necessary for good advice. Unfortunately, new technology always brings with it a host of new or previously unheard terms.  Confusion is often pre-programmed. To remedy this, we have prepared a small guide containing the most important terms for understanding and using our products. With this, you should be able to advise your customers even better.


Adaptive cornering light

Adaptive cornering light is a variant of the dynamic cornering light used in cars but especially developed for motorbikes.

When cornering, motorbikes get into an inclined position, whereby the angle here depends, among other things, on the speed of the motorbike. …

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AMPS hole pattern

The AMPS hole pattern is an industry standard for fixings. Here, four holes define a rectangle of 30×38 mm. In most cases, a bracket in this standard contains eight holes so that items can be mounted both horizontally and vertically.

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ASABE stands for the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. Among other things, this society defines standards for agricultural vehicles.

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Audible signal device

As against warning lights, audible signal devices do not draw attention to a danger visually, but by transmitting a clearly audible alert. Such audible signal devices are, for example horns and backup alarms.

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