Warning zone lights

Warning zone lights

published on 13. November 2020

Do you have an area where people are exposed to increased danger from vehicle traffic or ejecting machine parts? Then mark this area and make it visible to everyone. How? With one of our LED warning zone lamps!

Simple installation, fast effect! Our warning zone lights limit the danger, not the use of your vehicles. They are quickly mounted and work without problems on almost any vehicle due to their wide-range input. Your employees do not need any instruction because the function is self-explanatory. Connect, align, done. This is how passive safety must work!

Warning zone lights represent a novelty in occupational safety. While normal warning lights merely indicate a source of danger, these new warning zone lights directly mark the area where increased attention is required.

Boundary lights
Perimeter lights draw a coloured line on the ground, clearly marking the boundary of a danger zone. These lights are ideal for use on forklift trucks and aerial work platforms.

Area lights
Area lights bathe the entire zone of increased danger in clearly visible light. This allows the entire danger zone to be effectively marked.

Spotlights project a bright spot on the ground to indicate an approaching hazard. This principle is particularly suitable for narrow and unclear corridors and passageways.

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