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The bodyguard for your employees

Lopos is the simple solution to
prevent accidents in the warehouse!

125 accidents involving industrial trucks happen every day. 2 of them lead to a lifelong incapacity to work. And every month, one accident even ends fatally. Tragic for the victims and their families. Dangerous for your company.

Lopos protects the employees in your company. And it’s so simple and cost-effective.

  • Each vehicle is equipped with a transceiver unit (beacon).
  • Each employee receives a transmitter (wearable).
  • Beacons and wearables communicate with each other via precise broadband technology (UWB).
  • If a collision is imminent, drivers and pedestrians are warned in good time.


The result: maximum protection for your employees – minimum costs for your company.

Precise localisation with UWB

Lopos uses ultra-wideband (UWB) for precise localisation. This enables reliable localisation and distance measurement in real time. UWB is superior to other technologies such as RFID, WLAN or Bluetooth. People are reliably recognised and collisions are effectively prevented.

Thanks to UWB technology, Lopos can determine the position of people and objects with an accuracy of up to 10 cm. This high level of precision is particularly important in environments where confined spaces or moving machinery increase the risk of accidents.

Easy integration into any concept

Lopos is designed to integrate seamlessly into existing security systems and workflows without the need for extensive customisation or overhaul. This simplifies implementation and minimises disruption to operations.

It requires only two components.

The unique collision warning device can be easily installed on any vehicle. And it does so without interfering with the vehicle’s electronics. All that is needed is a power connection.

Simply attach the beacon to the vehicle and connect it, the wearables can be clipped to the belt or waistcoat, or worn with the wristband like a watch. A functional collision warning is ready.

Other beacons and wearables can be integrated quickly and easily and are ready for immediate use.

Adjust parameters quickly
on site or via remote maintenance

All settings of the Lopos system can be clearly managed and customised. All settings are available in the dashboard. This is where the security zones are defined and the behaviour of the Lopos system is specified. And it’s all very convenient and easy to understand.

  • On site: You can make the settings directly on site with dashboard access.
  • Adjustments to the system can be made via remote maintenance.
  • Always up-to-date: As soon as a WLAN signal is available, beacons update themselves. No installation is necessary.

Make Lopos your Lopos

The system is highly customisable and can be tailored to the specific requirements and circumstances of each workplace. It can help companies optimise safety protocols and monitor specific danger zones.

You determine the safety areas, the distances to be maintained and the effect of Lopos. From a simple visual warning to automatically stopping the vehicle. In dynamic warning mode, the monitoring area of the beacon can also be changed depending on the speed and direction of travel. All parameters can be changed in the dashboard at any time.

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