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Bonding Instead of Drilling

With Click Bond, you secure components safely and lastingly

Need to fix something securely and stably, but can’t weld or drill into the surface? Simply glue it! Click Bond’s fastening system is at your assistance.

Adhered brackets provide you full flexibility, without interfering with the structural integrity of load-bearing parts! The options are extensive. Select from a wide range of studs, threaded studs, eyelets, and additional components.

Advantages Due to Bonding

Attachment by bonding with Click Bond offers tremendous benefits!

  • Attachment to highly-stressed, fatigue-sensitive or pressure-subjected components is possible.
  • Eliminates costs for drilling and the associated errors in system installation.
  • No galvanic corrosion, no crack-initiating holes in stressed parts.
  • Special mounting apparatus (included in the supply) ensure optimal adhesion and assembly consistency.
  • Baseplates in metal, thermosetting or thermoplastic materials available.
  • Metric thread sizes
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Simple in Application

Each Click Bond holder always has a specially designed mounting apparatus. This not only ensures an easily achieved and yet precise positioning of the holder but also guarantees correct adhesion.

This mounting apparatus applies a precisely defined, continuous pressure to the adhesive joint during the adhesive’s curing, thus ensuring a high-strength fixing of the holder. The outcome: consistently optimal results with every installation.

1. Preparing the mounting surface

The surface is prepared for bonding using proven and simple methods (see instructions enclosed with the holder).

2. Applying the adhesive

Mix the adhesive (according to the instructions) and apply it to the adhesive surface of the holder.

3. Position and press on

Position the click-bond holder using the mounting device and activate the contact pressure with a “click”!

4. already loadable after a short time

The special structural adhesive enables our holders to be securely attached to a wide range of metals, thermoplastics and composite materials. These are usually already 80 per cent loadable one hour after application.

Ideal for Click Bond
– Model 710!

Delivers light where you need it – without dazzling! Model 710 is the perfect spotlight for forklifts.

2 light patterns. Model 710 fulfils two needs in one work light. It acts as a driving light for secure traffic in the warehouse, without dazzling the oncoming traffic. And it can illuminate a rack up to the topmost shelf if needed. Thus, a full 160° vertically can be lit. But naturally, only when necessary.

Mounting directly on the lift mast. With Click Bond, this spotlight can be safely affixed directly on the lift mast, without compromising the carrying structure. Thereby, it operates optimally and can project its full strength.

see model 710

Highlights from our ClickBond range

The range of different holders is huge. Our selection from this range represents only a small part of the entire range, which is designed to optimally fulfil specific requirements in the area of fastening solutions. If you need a bracket that you cannot find in our selection, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Name Description
Connecting nut bolt CN125 various sizes, base diameter 31.8 mm Shop
Pin CS125 various sizes, base diameter 31.8 mm Shop
CS200 stud bolt various sizes, base diameter 50.8 mm Shop
Cable tie holder various sizes Shop
Glue diverse varieties Shop
Accessories Dispenser guns etc. Shop

Interview with the expert

Bonding expert Sascha Preiss from VTR answered our questions about ClickBond. He talks about the necessary preparations, the variety of applications and the durability of bonded joints. And also about how to remove a bond that is no longer required.

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