Product feature // Digital Relay box 

Everything in perfect Order

This is how you create
a clean and simple cable installation
in your vehicle!

Put an end to mechanical fuses, relays and unnecessary switches! The Digital Relay Box is the solution!

It is the basic building block of a clean electrical installation for many vehicle types and applications. The Digital Relay Box offers the possibility of programmed control of up to eight consumers, individually fused and switched! All with just one device. This makes the digital relay box THE interface for your additional vehicle electronics!

Intelligently wired – with the Digital Relay Box

Up to eight loads with one control

A digital relay box can control up to eight loads. In addition, more can be added as slaves. The fuse rating can be individually set from 5-25 amps per output.

Intelligent circuits

Circuits can be programmed with various if-then logics. Up to three input signals per output are possible. Input signals can be programmed as defined circuits (on/off) or as toggles (press once to switch on, press again to switch off).

Monitors your electrics

Individual low-voltage protection can be set for each output. This means that even when the battery voltage is low, important circuits can remain active while unimportant consumers are switched off. Time control and temperature monitoring are already integrated.

Individual for your requirements

As delivered, the digital relay box has a standard programming for many applications, but an individual adaptation to exactly your conditions is of course possible. Individual programming can be carried out by any service workshop using the appropriate software.

App-controlled for even more convenience

The variant with Bluetooth allows convenient control of the circuits via your smartphone. Available for both 12 V and 24 V vehicle electric systems.

That is by no means all!

  • Adjustable fuse with “slow-blow” option for short power peaks
  • Fixed or normal “relay function
  • Many different timers, from seconds to hours
  • Adjustment/reset of different inputs
  • Flashing functions with adjustable on-time, from milliseconds to hours
  • Switching functions
  • Counter
  • Logic for sirens and blue lights for emergency vehicles
  • Parallel or serial use of several functions
  • Multiple input sources
  • Temperature control from sensor
  • H-bridge for control of DC motors with timers and dead time settings
  • Energy-saving mode
  • Unlimited combinations of inputs and outputs (Note: Virtual outputs are programmable, allowing nested circuits).


1 – Start battery
2 – 2nd battery
3 – Inverter

a – Switch for power socket
b – Switch for USB socket
c – Door contact light switch
d – Light switch


A – Additional lighting
B – Light with door contact switch
C – Light without door contact switch
D – Refrigerator / cool box
E – Compressor
F – Winch
G – Continuous positive
H – 12 V power socket
I – USB socket


The Digital Relay Box takes over the battery management. Or it automatically switches disinfection lights in the interior in standby mode.

Service truck

Do you have power-hungry tools? The Digital Relay Box takes over the management of the consumers. Or switches the heating and consumers on and off depending on the standing time.

Industrial trucks / Forklifts

Do you need additional equipment such as warning lights and worklights? The Digital Relay Box enables installation without interfering with the CAN bus and prevents cable clutter at the same time..


Space-saving wiring, free placement of switches, switching logics etc. A Digital Relay Box creates comfort!


The Digital Relay Box manages the consumers, so you can switch auxiliary lights and winches on and off via app.

Easiest control

Whether control via switch panel, handset or smartphone app, with the Digital Relay Box you remain flexible.

The available switch panels (4 or 8 buttons) or the handset can be positioned individually; a simple cable connection to the Digital Relay Box is all that is required. The buttons of the switch panels can be provided with individual symbols so that the connected loads or the switched functions can be quickly identified at any time.

And if even this is too much for you, you can switch your electronics via your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to Bluetooth, this is not a problem.

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