3D printing for series parts – A headlight for the “Sherpa” from Genkinger

3D printing for series parts – A headlight for the “Sherpa” from Genkinger

published on 15. April 2024

3D printing in series production? Of course! We were able to realise an interesting project with our customer Genkinger at the end of 2023. Genkinger, an established manufacturer of special vehicles, needed a new headlight for its “Sherpa” small goods transporter. During LogiMAT 2024, we had the opportunity to talk to Karl Ebnet from Genkinger about this project and about our collaboration in general.

Genkinger opted for our 8415 model. Karl Ebnet says: “The entire vehicle has the potential to be road-legal. That’s why the lighting with the corresponding licence plates and approvals was also important, of course.” Because the headlight had to fit precisely into the sloping front of the vehicle and the project had to be realised quickly, we developed a mounting bracket in a very short time and produced it as a series part using 3D printing. Karl Ebnet said that “Genkinger lives from the speed of its suppliers so that projects can be realised quickly. The decision to realise the project with J.Führ was a good one.” A key element of the rapid realisation was the use of 3D printing technology, which made it possible to produce the bracket for the new headlight precisely and promptly. This agility in the realisation of projects reflects the flexibility and strength that J.Führ brings to a partnership.


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