ClickBond – The innovative assembly solution for industrial trucks and more

ClickBond – The innovative assembly solution for industrial trucks and more

published on 8. March 2024

In a world where the demands on industrial assembly processes are constantly increasing, ClickBond offers a ground-breaking solution. We had the pleasure of welcoming Sascha Preiss from Verbindungstechniken Rüther to our studio to present the revolutionary functionality of ClickBond live.

One of the key aspects of ClickBond is its ability to eliminate the need for drilling or welding on load-bearing components. This is particularly critical in applications such as the lift mast of a forklift truck, where traditional fastening methods could jeopardise structural integrity. ClickBond enables secure and permanent fastening without interfering with the substance of the material.

For industrial vehicles, it is essential that the mounting solutions are not only robust and reliable, but also support the safety and longevity of the vehicles. ClickBond fulfils these requirements with flying colours, making it an ideal choice for numerous industrial applications.

In the video, Sascha not only gives us an insight into how ClickBond works, but also talks about its versatile applications in various industries. Whether in aerospace, automotive or industrial vehicles – the possibilities are as varied as the challenges they overcome.

Watch the video to understand how ClickBond could revolutionise your production processes. Take the first step towards a future where robust assembly does not require compromising on safety.


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