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Remarkable products at a glance!

Many products are self-explanatory. Some are not.

And others are worth talking about because they stand out from the crowd – through innovative ideas, well thought-out design and outstanding performance.

Discover products that set standards in their category. From practical helpers to advanced technical innovations. Discover now what makes our products so special!

Finally ice-free through
the winter

Icy headlights are a thing of the past. Headlights quickly become clogged in winter snow flurries. Snow on the front lens reduces your visibility, but above all your vision. Find a remedy!

Headlights with Smart Heat have a windscreen heating system that reacts smartly to the weather. So you always stay visible and always drive safely.

see SmartHeat

Self-sufficient. Strong in sales.

A picture is worth a thousand words, a demonstration is worth a thousand pictures! Demonstrate the products live directly on the customer’s vehicle. And without the hassle of a complete installation!

Our sample case for your success makes you self-sufficiently strong in sales.

see Sample Case

The bodyguard for your employees

125 accidents involving industrial trucks occur every day. 2 of them lead to a lifelong incapacity to work. And every month, one accident even ends fatally. Tragic for the victims and their families. Dangerous for your company.

Lopos protects the employees in your company. Simple and cost-effective.

see Lopos

Everything in perfect order

How to create clean and simple wiring in your vehicle!

Put an end to mechanical fuses, relays and unnecessary switches! The Digital Relay Box is the solution!

see the Digital Relay Box

Gluing instead of drilling

Do you need to fasten something securely and stably, but can’t weld or drill the component? Simply glue it! The Click Bond fastening system will help you.

see Click Bond
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